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本文摘要:Google Glass is a wearable computer in the shape of eyeglasses, complete with a heads up display over one eye. As one of the very few people who have had hands-on Glass experience, heres a first-hand look at what its like to wear Google Glass. What does it feel like to use right now, in beta form? Its exciting, frustrating, and a surreal experience. Read on for more details.谷歌眼镜是一款眼镜式的可配戴电脑,一只镜片上配有了“平视表明”功能。

Google Glass is a wearable computer in the shape of eyeglasses, complete with a heads up display over one eye. As one of the very few people who have had hands-on Glass experience, heres a first-hand look at what its like to wear Google Glass. What does it feel like to use right now, in beta form? Its exciting, frustrating, and a surreal experience. Read on for more details.谷歌眼镜是一款眼镜式的可配戴电脑,一只镜片上配有了“平视表明”功能。作为很少有机会认识该眼镜的人之一,第一体验感觉将要入围。


目前用于正式版不会是什么情况呢?必然是性刺激中带点沮丧的超强现实体验。我们再行一睹为快吧。Google Glass is a headset which is worn the same way youd wear a pair of sunglasses. Instead of two eye pieces, theres a single display above the right eye. Running a modified version of the Android operating system, Google Glass is capable of connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. When connected, Glass can display e-mail, Google Now information, text messages, take photos, record videos, place phone or video calls, and GPS navigation. Of course, Google Search is deeply integrated.谷歌眼镜的配戴方式跟戴耳机如出一辙。


一旦连上,就可以表明邮件、谷歌即时讯息、短信,照片,视频,打电话或视频通话,还有GPS定位。当然,还深度融合了谷歌搜寻。Glass can use Wi-Fi around the house or office, Glass can pair with a smartphone (iPhone and Android are preferred) via Bluetooth for connectivity when youre on the go. When paired to an Android device, you can also take advantage of SMS integration for conversations and GPS functionality for navigation. Theres a touchpad on the right-side of Glass for controls, but the majority of input is done using voice commands.谷歌眼镜不但可以在家或办公室用于Wi-Fi,还能在你辛苦的时候通过蓝牙相连手机(苹果和安卓手机是选用)。当连上安卓设备,你就可以展开短信启动时和GPS导航系统。

眼镜右边加装了一个触碰控制板,但多数时候还得靠语音输入。Right now, Glass is available only in beta form; its in testing and isnt officially available to the general public. Google expects to have Glass refined and ready to release sometime in 2014. Glass Explorers (as beta testers are called) are either a developers who purchased Glass, or individuals who won a Google contest to become an Explorer. For developers and contestants alike, the cost was $1,500. There are nearly 10,000 Glass users in the wild. Dont get your hopes up: Theres no official word on an exact launch date or price from Google.目前,谷歌眼镜仅有正式版;正处于测试阶段,官方还并未公布。谷歌方面期望能对其做到更进一步改进,估算不会在2014年公布。


全球大约有10000名用户。但不要抱着过于大的期望:因为目前没任何关于官方公布的日期和价格。Glass has one speaker, a Bone Conduction Transducer, that sits near your right ear. The speaker isnt especially loud, and doesnt work well in noisy areas -- its especially hard to hold a conversation via a phone or video call. In loud environments, Ive found that it works best to so place a cupped hand over the ear to make it easier to hear.谷歌眼镜有一个麦克风,也是骨导传感器,附近右耳。


Using Glass is all about making the most of voice commands. When Glass wakes up, either by tapping the touchpad or moving your head up, the magic phrase of OK Glass appears on the screen below the time. Muttering that phrase activates Glass, and allows you to sift through the currently available commands. Sadly, in its current form, Glass doesnt care who voices commands. That means anyone can shout out and take control of Glass.大多数时候都是通过语音掌控来用于谷歌眼镜。当打开眼镜后,无论是用手触碰触摸板,还是浮现掌控,神秘的短语“Ok Glass”就不会立即经常出现在屏幕上。轻念短语就能转录眼镜,转入当前能用指令。


There are two ways to take a photo or record a video using Glass. The first is by using voice commands: OK Glass, take a picture (or: record a video). The second is by using the shutter button located at the top of Glass. The button is faster and more discrete (but arguably less fun). Contrary to popular belief, Glass is not always recording or snapping photos. Theres no indication when the camera is in operation, but if you look at someone wearing Glass and the display over the right eye is not lit up, it definitely isnt operating.现在有两种方式可以用于谷歌眼镜照片或视频。一种是收到语音指令:“好的眼镜,拍电影张照”(或:“记个像”)。另一种是用于坐落于顶部的对焦按钮。


Fun fact: Google doesnt call apps for Google Glass apps. Google refers to them as Glassware. Glassware is very limited at the moment. Developers are working with a beta API, which Google has severely limited (apps cannot make more than 1,000 API calls per day, for example). That said, Google has some sample Glassware available that includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, CNN, The New York Times, Path, Evernote and more. Twitter and Facebook dont allow for browsing of timelines, instead both only offer to let users upload photos taken with Glass to their timeline.有意思的事实:谷歌没将应用软件称作谷歌眼镜“应用软件。”而是“眼镜应用于”。目前该应用于还非常有局限。


Even with these limitations, developers havent held back from sharing their work with fellow Glass Explorers. There isnt one central place to find Glassware to use with Glass -- like a Glass app store -- but the Google+ Glass Explorers group and the private Glass Explorer forums both contain links to install unreleased services. Google Glass Apps is a free Web site that compiles available Glassware. The list is not nearly exhaustive, but it does give Glass users and fans alike a good idea of whats being worked on.即使条件所限,研发人员之间也没暂停共享成果。并非只有一个地方才能寻找眼镜软件--像谷歌眼镜应用于商店就有,但Google+的研发小组和私人研发论坛都获取并未公布服务软件的加装链接。谷歌眼镜应用于商店涵括了一些免费软件。

其数量或许不多,但却给用户和粉丝们带给了体验的福音。Instagram made a name for itself by letting users take mundane smartphone photos, place a filter on them, and call it art. Glassagram picks up from there by letting users take a photo, send it to the service, and then get it back on Glass with a variety of filter treatments applied.Instagram容许用户用智能手机摄制的普通照片,再行利用滤镜处置,并称作艺术。Glassgram就是待这些照片上载至服务器后,用谷歌眼镜iTunes,再行预示着一系列的照片过滤器应用于。

And then theres GlassFrogger. The game lets you view a frog as it attempts to cross the road, just like the classic game. In order to move the frog, or make it jump, you must physically jump yourself. One jump moves the frog forward, hopefully missing the speeding semi and impending death. GlassFrogger is an interesting first look at augmented reality gaming through Glass. While the road isnt overlaid onto the real street in front of the user, after playing for awhile, I can say you do start to feel as if youre actually in the game rather than just staring.还有一款眼镜青蛙游戏。它跟大多经典游戏相差无几,画面呈现的就是一只企图穿越马路的青蛙。用户必需亲身冲刺才能掌控青蛙的移动和跳跃。



Since theres a camera built into Glass, a SKU scanning app was bound to happen. Crystal Shopper lets you scan barcodes and immediately see the highest and lowest price for that item on Amazon. If you decide you want to purchase an item, it can then be saved to a list with a simple head nod. Imagine a future in which you do this with food items in the grocery store; instead of prices, perhaps, youd able to view more detailed nutritional information. Its the future.因眼镜加装了摄像头,估算SKU扫瞄应用软件的公布也在不远处的将来了。一目了然的购物推展让你能精彩扫瞄条形码,立即掌控亚马逊商品的低于价格和最低优惠。如果你要求出售其产品,只需点下头就可重新加入购物车。

比如说在未来,若是如此在商品杂货店出售食物该是怎样的场景;或许,预计你更加在乎的就是商品的营养信息,而非价格了。这就是未来的趋势。The first time I snapped a photo with Glass that I normally wouldnt have been able to take, I began to realize how much of an impact Glass can have capturing everyday moments that are otherwise lost. This photo, which took on a horseback ride with my kids, wouldnt have been possible without Glass. Not only am I leading the horse with one hand, but Im also hiding on to my sons leg to ensure he doesnt fall off. A simple voice command captured this moment. Thus far, its one of my favorite photos from Glass.当我第一次利用谷歌眼镜抓拍了一张平时显然拍电影将近的照片时,我就意识到了如果没它,不会错失多少精彩的瞬间。